Emma Hughes

Bassist at heart but an all round general noise / music maker.

Here is an insight to my world =]

Photo Credit: Ilan Terrell & Yokan Studios

Here’s my #icebucketchallenge @abimusicuk with my house mate @richie01! Bloody freezing ⛄️ I have donated to ALS, Nordorff Robbins and the RSPCA! I nominate the girlgang
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Kate Nash LIVE at Lollapalooza 2014 [x]

Best weekend of my life!

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New Kate Nash tune 😊

Some of the pedals I’ve used today: VFE killer Rabbit, Electro-harmonix octave multiplexer & My fave the home made ‘Fur Baller’ by @jaymalhotra! #zonguitars #electro-harmonix #vfe #killerrabbit #vfekillerrabbit #recording #tourlife  (at Amazing Grace Studios)
Basssss! Recording day 2 @zonguitars @jaymalhotra @boomvision @calloumi #zonguitars #echoboomgeneration #bass #tourlife  (at Amazing Grace Studios)
Recording with my beautiful Zon bass at Amazing Grace Studios @zonguitars @jaymalhotra @boomvision @calloumi #echoboomgeneration #zonguitars (at Amazing Grace Studios)

My Neighbor Totoro (1988)


My Neighbor Totoro (1988)


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That time I played guitar on top of people 😝 really missing tour and my girls today! Stolen from @abaxley 😁 #tourlife #guitar #crowdsurf #music